July 4, 2011

Dick Lee's Beauty Kings, from 6th to 17th July!

Fantastic Entertainment and MediaCorp VizPro International proudly present Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings – a bold new play about the secrets and scandals of male beauty pageants.

This fascinating and spectacular production, written by Dick Lee and directed by Jonathan Lim, explores the complexities of male vanity and dissects the notion of masculinity. Beauty Kings exposes the scandals and raw emotions that go on to make each round an exciting parade of pecs, abs, trophies and trauma!

Beauty Kings was inspired by the scandalous history of Singapore male beauty pageants in thenineties where contestants have alleged pageant organizers of molest and sexual harassment.

Featuring a stellar cast including famous local stage and television personality, Lim Yu-Beng,stage actress, Karen Tan, actor, director and scriptwriter, Rodney Oliveiro and stage actress and host Judee Tan, Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings revolves around three ordinary male contestants, Adam (a 28 year old journalist), Benny (a 30 year old administrative assistant) and Don (a 26 year old full-time model) and their exciting journey in the pageant.

The three contestants vie for the top prize but land in a downward spiral of sex, lies and scandal!

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Mister Man, secrets and bodies are exposed; lies, spit and more are swapped in the epic battle to win the crown. In this tangled web of pecs, abs, trophies and trauma, the three contestants learn what it takes to be a real man.

Adam, tall, dark and handsome is out to charm the public, but is he really who he says he is? What is in the cell phone of his? Enter Benny the boy next door and his materialistic Kate Spade lover girlfriend, who wants Mister Man more than her man. She pulls out all stops to win, but this might be her biggest regret! Young hopeful Don has his eyes on the prize but will he get his chance before a smear campaign wipes him out? Who are the mysterious couple who run the pageant?

For the first time in Singapore theatre, the audience gets the chance to vote for their favourite contestant and influence the outcome of the show. The choice is in your hands! The ending changes every night according to your vote!

Dick Lee’s witty satire of male vanity in Beauty Kings is not to be missed!

*Alison: I've gotten my tickets to Beauty Kings, and pretty much looking forward to the show! It features, in addition to the actors and actresses above, Eli Tee (a local musician) and Kaeng Chang (who was last seen in Macbeth)! It's starting to be a rather hot July, I must say!


Anonymous said...

this show looks like a skin-flick. not sure how it would turn out.


Eli T. said...

Haha! Hope you enjoyed the show! - Eli